About the project:

Over the course of two quarters, the Audience team has worked on a redesign of the Audience Collector purchase flow, focusing on First Time User conversions (project purchase). This functionality includes scoping out a Market Research panel, choosing demographics and targeting criteria, reviewing and checkout of your purchase, and confirmation and tracking of your status.

This design-led process has included:

• Reviewing existing user research on customer segmentation & use cases.
• 1:1 interviews with Customer Service reps to gather known user painpoints & listening tour share out.
• Cross-functional ideation sesssions (with Engineering, Product Managers, Marketing, CS, and Content).
• Capturing and prioritizing feature sets.
• User Interviews phased into 4 rounds of concept tests, task-based interaction tests, and content comprehension.

We are currently running this as an A/B test against control and should be launching in December. A more detailed case study will be provided at that time.

Project Details:

Company: SurveyMonkey

Role: Lead Product Designer

Date: Q2 & Q3 2018