About the project:

The Audience business sits within the core SurveyMonkey experience as a Market Research service. It is built on a supply & demand model; the Audience Panel collector generates the demand part of the business from user-created surveys, and in turn, we source and supply panelists to answer the surveys through our SurveyMonkey Contribute and SurveyMonkey Rewards panel products.

Over the course of two quarters, I lead the Audience team in the redesign of the Audience Panel purchase experience, focusing on First Time User conversions. The panel purchase flow exists of scoping out a Market Research panel by choosing core demographics, indicating additional targeting criteria, setting up screener questions & choosing a qualification rate, review of purchase details, purchase checkout, and after the release of the survey, the tracking of your project status and responses received.

This design-led process included:

• Reviewing existing user research on customer segmentation & use cases.
• 1:1 interviews with Customer Service reps to gather known user painpoints & listening tour share out with the team to achieve alignment.
• Cross-functional ideation sesssions (with Engineering, Product Managers, Marketing, CS, and Content), grounded by personas and use cases.
• Capturing and prioritizing feature sets with the team to build out the feature roadmap.
• Four rounds of User Interviews consisting of phased degree of focus; first discovery/generative to gather customer use case and painpoints, then covered concept validation, followed by task-based interaction tests and content comprehension.

Once designs were validated by users and finalized, the product and engineering specs were written. We initially built and released as an A/B test, and after pushing the new experience to production, we saw a lift of ~$80 in AOV. With approximately 1,800 project purchases per month, this added a significant increase to the Audience team's revenue.

Project Details:

Company: SurveyMonkey

Role: Lead Product Designer

Date: Q2 & Q3 2018, launched.