About the experiments:

I was the lead designer on the Centralized Growth team from 2016-2017, where we focused on optimizing the funnel and first time user conversions. Two of the more complex growth experiments that I proposed and led were 1) in-the-moment upgrade purchases and 2) the initial phase of a New User Welcome flow (aka onboarding).


The goals of the Growth team were always having a rotating and equally balanced focused on our key metrics: Acquisition, Conversion, Engagement, and Retention. While achieving a lift in results is always invigorating, each experiment is a learning opportunity.


The main challenge with the in-product pricing modal was a delay, due to engineering dependencies, on running the test as the fully intended flow. We had to release initially only with the summarized and customized view of the pricing page. Additionally, after the test ended, the build out and release of this as a live part of the product was extremely delayed and occurred once I had transitioned off the team.


The original in-product pricing modal (plan & display only) achieved a 4% lift for new users. Once the second state of the modal was stitched together to have the full flow (checkout), we saw upwards of an 8% lift.

The onboarding welcome flow allowed us to start creating distinct use cases based user segments and serve up appropriate flows for them. We found a low template adoption rate, which was the current best state for new user survey design guidance. As an outcome, we launched in-depth user research to understand why. While templates didn't seem the right fit for many users, future incarnations of the onboarding flow and in-product experiements push on the notion of assisting the user in successful first time survey creation.

Project Details:

Company: SurveyMonkey

Role: Lead Product Designer

Date: 2016-2017