About the Growth team:

I've represented design leadership twice on the Growth during my tenure at SurveyMonkey, previously as Lead Designer from 2016-2017, and currently as the Product Design Mananager for both US & International teams. The Growth team's focus is on our four KPIs and range in small and large scale projects across Acquisition, Conversion, Engagement, and Retention. We also pair with other product teams to consult and execute on high priority areas of the product. Current intiatives include a large scale monetization effort across our existing plans and packages.

I actively advocate and guide the team to apply methods of combining qualitative findings (user interviews & testing) along with our quantitive studies (A/B experiments & useage metrics), often running in parallel. Uncovering both the "why" and the "what" form a more holistic picture when the story is analyzed and told together.

Past experiments:

Two of the more complex and successful growth experiments that I proposed and led (2016) were in-the-moment upgrade purchases and the New User Welcome flow (onboarding). They have gone through a series of iterations and updates since their original inception. You can see the arc of the brand design in the two examples shown (post and pre-rebrand from 2017, respectively).


In-product plan purchase: Challenges always abound with setting up tests, in particular ones that involve our billing platform. The in-product purchase experience was built into two parts - once you click on an upgrade trigger, a mini pricing page would display in a modal and guide you to the appropriate plan. Once the plan was chosen, the user would stay in-modal and complete their purchase with a mini-checkout. Due to technical constraints, the test was initially released with only the pricing modal, and not the checkout component.


In-product plan purchase: The in-product pricing modal alone achieved a 4% lift in conversion. Once the second state of the modal was stitched together for the full flow (adding in-modal checkout), we saw upwards of an 8% lift.

Welcome flow: This new onboarding experience allowed us to start creating distinct use-case based user segments, and in turn, serve up appropriate guided flows for them. It's original flow ended with template suggestions, but the results were a low template adoption rate. As an outcome, we launched in-depth user research to understand why. While templates didn't seem the right fit for many users, future incarnations of the onboarding flow and in-product experiements push on the notion of assisting the user in better ways (Do-it-For-Me survey setup and SurveyMonkey Genius).

Project Details:

Company: SurveyMonkey

Role: Product Design Manager, US & International

Date: Current (previously 2016-2017)