About the project:

The SurveyMonkey Rewards project encompassed the strategy, design, build and launch of a brand new mobile panel app for our Market Research Panel, with a fresh outlook on engaging the consumer market and delighting survey respondents. The business goal of this project was to suppliment our existing survey panel (SurveyMonkey Contribute) by building out a more rounded, robust demographic data set.

Project Goals

SurveyMonkey Rewards targets a younger demographic of both male and female users, which we attract by crafting a lighthearted and fun experience and by added a dual incentive model (donate to charity or earn cash). By leveraging device geotargeting capabilities, we will be able to target users with more personalized surveys as to where they have recently been (retail, restaurant, etc.) and their experiences interacting with brands. We purposefully wanted delight users and keep them in the survey taking loop, but not go overboard on "gamifying" the app, in order to maintain the professionalism of the client surveys and to preserve data quality.


I was involved from Day 1, initially taking on both Product Management and Product Design roles, and over the 9 month period, collaborated on the business strategy, established MVP and feature roadmaps, researched user drivers and motivations, sourced & hired an external development agency, and worked with marketing on both the go-to-market and user migration strategies. I lead the product design and collaborated with our internal Brand team to round out the screens with illustrations and motion. With our existing core Brand addressing the Survey Creator (B2B), this was a whole new muscle to flex and customer segment (B2C) to shift in our thinking and approach. The effort needed to consider and be inclusive of tone and style, as we developed an extension of the brand and design system. We broke the existing core brand elements down to identify where we could should stay fixed and where we could flex.


After launch of the app, we acheived our goal and continue to stay on track with app downloads & DAU/MAU. The ratings in the iOS and Android stores are currently 4.6 and 4.3 stars, respectively. It is so popular with users that survey respondents completed x3 the amount of surveys than our existing panel (SurveyMonkey Contribute). Due to this, the original follow-on work shifted from acquision to retention (by keeping up with survey supply).

Project Details:

Company: SurveyMonkey

Role: Lead Designer, Strategy, Brand Team & Agency Coordinator

Date: March 2018

Link: SurveyMonkey Rewards Microsite