SurveyMonkey Rewards App

Company: SurveyMonkey
Role: Product Design Lead
Released: March 2018


The SurveyMonkey Rewards App was a go-to-market project to launch a brand new mobile survey panel respondent experience app for participants on our Market Research Panel. The business had a fresh outlook on engaging with our B2C market to supplement our existing survey panel (SurveyMonkey Contribute) by capturing a younger demographic data set, while leveraging the real-time messaging capabilities and geotargeting capabilities of native devices.

Project Goals

Expand our survey respondent panel: Create the largest and most diverse market research panel in the US: drive panel growth, improve panel engagement (active users), and expand into a younger demographic set, thereby reducing dependency and cost of 3rd party panel suppliers.

Improve our value proposition: Enable enhanced survey respondent profiling and targeting based on a combination of explicit (profiling) and implicit (geolocation and other) data to ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time, increasing our foothold in the Customer Feedback market.

Create a sticky and delightful consumer experience: Engage users with a nod to SurveyMonkey's core brand, but with a B2C approach to tone and messaging

Functionality Validation

Permissions & Privacy

By leveraging device geotargeting capabilities, we set the foundation to target users with more personalized surveys as to where they have recently been (retail, restaurant, etc.) and their personal experiences interacting with brands. We also planned on implementing a dual incentive model, which expanded upon our SurveyMonkey Contribute model. However, first, we wanted to make sure these approaches were viable — to reduced risk and confirmed product market fit. We did so by surveying prospective users on incentive preferences and privacy concerns, and in addition, user-tested low fidelity flows to gather feedback on both comprehension of & potential hesitancy around allowing GPS location services to be running in the background on their phones.

Design Principles

It was important that the core team had a North Star on how we wanted to shape the user experience of this new app, as well as, create guidelines to help steer our decision-making process. Through cross-funcitonal meetings, I led and refined the list of design principles:

Give Users Control: Allow configuration, options, and views into the data so users feel a sense of ownership as well as being active participants.

Small Wins Equals Large Reward: Make the user feel good about their successes.

Transparency: Be trustworthy; never be misleading or deceitful.

Get to the Chase: Respect users’ time — brevity wherever possible; be seamless, optimize for speed, and remove barriers.

Branding Validation

I collaborated with our internal Brand team to provide direction on our illustrations and animations. There was still some convincing to be done internally to move away from our B2B minimal palette of white backgrounds with green accents, so we concept tested the two color palettes options to confirm we were aligned with what users wanted and enjoyed. The findings showed that out of 11 participants, the colorful version of the designs was preferred 9 to 2. 


The app surpassed our predictions and became so popular with users that survey respondents completed 3x the number of surveys than our original panel (SurveyMonkey Contribute).

Due to this, the original follow-on work shifted from acquisition (downloads & installs) to retention (keeping up with survey demand). It's currently available on both Google Play and iOS Stores. The marketing website with more info and animations is at SurveyMonkey Rewards.