SurveyMonkey Growth Experiments

Company: SurveyMonkey
Role: Product Design Lead
Released: Originally in 2016, with iterative releases


One of the more complex and successful growth experiments that I proposed was an upgrade purchase experience deep in the product. The user interface has gone through a series of iterations and updates since its original inception, but the intention and functionality have remained the same.


Our product ecosystem relies on upgrade triggers to get users to convert to a paid plan, due to 97% of our users originally signing up with our Basic (Free) plan. Originally, all upgrade triggers would redirect users to the pricing page, taking users away from the task they were trying to complete, and with no guidance on which plan they needed.

Solution & Results

With my suggestion of keeping users in-context by creating a mini pricing modal overlay, it not only retained the connection of feature trigger and action, but it also directed users as to which feature was associated with which plans. The second modal screen was a mini checkout, also avoiding navigating users away and streamlining the purchase loop.

Due to technical constraints on our billing platform, the A/B test was initially released with only the mini pricing screen display (not paired with checkout). The mini-pricing modal alone achieved a 4% lift in conversion. Once the mini checkout was stitched together to complete the full flow, we saw upwards of 8% lift.

Various Checkout Experiments

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the types of efforts we've made across the core experience:
• Retention efforts such as discount offers during subscription cancellation
• Discounts on plan upgrades during checkout
• Streamlining account sign-up flow into the checkout experience
• Configurable plan options, such as selecting number of survey response limits

Growth Teams at SurveyMonkey

We have three core Growth teams, one focused on International markets, that I lead for Product Design. The teams' focus areas are on our key KPIs: Acquisition, Conversion, Engagement, and Retention. We run fast on a broad range of both small and large scale projects across the core product. Our current focus areas include restructuring our freemium pricing model on our self-serve plans, engagement and in-product optimizations – such as onboarding new users and deploying surveys – and streamlining our marketing pages to understand and segment our users to pair them with the appropriate offering.

I actively advocate and guide the team to apply combined qualitative findings (user interviews & concept validation) along with our quantitative data (A/B experiments, usage metrics, surveys), often running parallel. Uncovering both the "why" and the "what" forms a more holistic picture when the story is analyzed and told together. The team regularly conducts brainstorming workshops to generate ideas and help define our focus areas. In addition to our internal process, I've educated others on our approach by holding Growth 101 training for the Product Design org. This not only up levels their skills, but also helps them adopt a test-first approach to their product feature development, which de-risks product market fit and shortens time to launch.